Hunter Plotkin Law, PLLC offers experience that helps see both sides of an argument and shepherds the parties toward a productive and effective resolution.

A good mediator is someone who has been in the trenches and can provide a cost-effective way to avoid litigation.  With her experience, attorney and mediator Emily Hunter Plotkin can do just that.  Emily reviews prehearing statements and will confer with attorneys or unrepresented parties in advance in order to allow the parties to get a head start on their settlement discussions.  Having been involved in both litigation and alternative dispute resolution her entire legal career, Emily understands not only the monetary risks and costs of the adversary system, but the significant nonmonetary ones as well.  She understands the legal and factual issues as well as the other dynamics that can affect settlement, and can carefully maneuver the parties toward satisfactory resolution.

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Please use Emily's online calendar to choose a day and time for a meeting or mediation.

For More Information

To learn more about mediation, see: Mediation FAQs. To schedule mediation of any civil dispute, contact Hunter Plotkin Law, PLLC or use the online calendar.