Will Your Salaried Employees Still Be Exempt from Overtime Come January 1, 2020?

Attention Employers! Are you paying employees a salary? Do you track their hours? Even with a salary, do you pay them overtime? Do you know they could either currently be eligible for overtime, or might be starting January 1, 2020? Effective January… Read More
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So You Want To Have Employees...

You are a small business owner in Tennessee. You just realized you’re ready to expand and hire your first employee. Assuming this person will be an employee and is not an independent contractor (we can save that for another discussion), what st… Read More
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#MeToo on Main Street: Small Businesses Are Not Immune

We’ve seen the high profile lawsuits, with their big names, big companies, and big dollars. The dollar signs may not be quite as big for small businesses, but in some ways these types of claims can be even more damaging. Many small businesses may b… Read More
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Top Ten Wage and Hour Mistakes for Small Businesses

The other day, I took a quick look on the U.S. Department of Labor’s website and noticed an interesting trend: in just January 2019 alone, the DOL’s investigations had resulted in no less than 24 companies paying significant back wages, liquidate… Read More
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Emily Hunter Plotkin

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Employment law attorney Emily Hunter Plotkin has spent her professional career developing strategic solutions for employers to ensure workplace compliance and to prevent or resolve workplace disputes.

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